सावन मे क्या करे क्या नहीं करे

What can we do or not in the month of savan

What can we do or not in the month of savan

हिंदी में पड़ने के लिए क्लिक करे 

Hello friends, today we will talk about the significance of the month of Savan. The month of Savan is very sacred, says that if Shiva is worshiped all the time, then God gives us very good fruits. Religion is composed of many beliefs and a variety of ideas. Those who believe in Hindu religion are well aware of what I need and do not have to do in the lives of Hindus. This is the reason that the Hindu family is still tied to the door of religion and faith.

What to do in saawan

  • In our Hindu families, days of Savannah are considered very sacred and auspicious. In these days people do not eat mas, liquor, onion and garlic, even in their homes. It is possible that the people also keep fasting these days.
  • Friends, we consider the days of the week auspicious for worship of some gods or goddesses. In every month of the year, some gods and goddesses are worshiped. Similarly, the month of Savan has its own glory. The worship of Shivaji is very important on Monday in the month of Savan.
  • On Monday, Shiva’s day is anyway, and the worship of Savan on Monday becomes very important. It is said that Shiva ji is very pleased with the worship of Shiva on Monday, in the month of Savan. . Because Monday’s lord Shiva is considered to be the same. Shiva is very dear to the month of Savan, because it is very rainy in the month, which brings coolness to the body.
  • Turmeric should not be given on Shivling, because turmeric is related to a woman, instead of Shivling, run on the water body.
  • . Raw milk should not be consumed in Savannah, because these days raw milk is made of Pitt, if you have to drink milk then boil it very well.
  • Even in the days of Savannah, eggplant should not be eaten, because the brinjal is considered as unclean in the scriptures, and one reason is that these days, worms also occur in the garden. Due to eating eggplant, there is a bad effect on health. |
  • Non-velocity should not be used in the field of Savannah, because the possibility of pregnancy of cattle and birds is increased in this month, in this way, the killing of female animals and birds is considered to be a sin in our religion, and this is a scientific reason. There is also this that in this season there are many insects – Makodhas which reach the body of the animals, which leads to the spread of disease.
  • Do not insult the elderly, guru, siblings, life partner, parents, friends and knowledgeable people in the month of Savan. Respecting these people in Shivaji’s month is not very necessary, otherwise Shivaji removes his crap on them.

• In many families, there is often a debate between husband and wife, small wars often happen. This is common practice. But when small things go up, the whole house gets turbulent. Take special care in the month of Savan that there is no problem in home. The houses which suffer. There the goddesses do not reside there. If you want Shivaji’s grace in the month of Savan, keep love in the house and forget each other’s mistakes and go ahead. If you worship with delights, then the desires will also be completed soon.

Post Author: Ankit Aggarwal