Technology most useful in Commercial and Non Commercial Sector

Technology most useful in Commercial and Non Commercial Sector

Individual Use

One normal person start his days with technology and till going to bad he total depends upon technology. Mobile, computer, laptop, highly automatic vehicles , home decor, cooking instruments and many more are require for your day to day activity. You can share your wishes, thoughts, trending jokes, your location and any destination you want to go. Entire world get into your mobile today.  In future new innovative technology will make your life more easier.

In Industrial Sector –

Indian market is changing every day. Our industries, manufacturing units, transportation systems and operational works are benefited by new and innovative technologies. Now you can record all your transaction in soft format with the help of huge servers and high-tech software’s. Earlier maintaining business records were very expensive, employees were spent huge time for manual work and records. But now by only one click you can get all the data and analysis as per business requirement. Only because of technology today our industries are thinking about huge business and project. Machine can complete one task in seconds which required entire day for one employee. So in future we are expecting more innovative ideas for our industries.

In Educational Sector –

Students can download number of study material from websites with the help of internet. Our Indian education system changed with the help of technology. Today there are number of whats-apps groups where students are sharing their day to day thoughts and information for upcoming test and study materials. Many companies are having interest in education platform by provide day to day online tuition, tutorials and video chatting with teachers for instant solutions. New high-tech class room became very good attraction for students and teacher both. Our education system going to enter into new world of technology and hope in coming futures students will be benefited with this.

In Health Sector –

Technology plays a very important role to sustain your health. Today many lives saved with the help of technology. Big surgery, operations, transplant etc only became possible by updated medical technology.

Your health records can be saved in you mobile phone and you can check your health history any time anywhere. Hospital staff enter your data in system your medical history your diagnosis and cost of treatment, means everything. By new innovation your health care cost reduced, avoid preventing deaths, improved quality of life and developed new drugs and treatments.

Post Author: Dushyant Kumar