RakhiSpecial Whattokeepintheplateofpooja

Rakhi Special – What to keep in the plate of pooja


Rakhi Special - What to keep in the plate of pooja
हिंदी में पड़ने के लिए क्लिक करे 

Hello friends! Today, we will know how to decorate the Rakhi plate and the importance of the things used in the plate. Rakshabandhan is celebrated on the occasion of brother and sister relationship of Purnima of Sharavan month .on this day, sisters also fasten the full moon for his brother’s long life and prosperity.

But we must keep the bond of worship done through the entire legislation and the ritual’s plate should be adorned very strictly. We will know their importance with the things in the worship plate.

Roly or Kumkum –

  • It is necessary to have Kumkum in the plate of puja, because Tilak from Kumkum is a symbol of victory and longevity in our Hindu society.

Rice –

  • Rice is very important in the plate of worship because rice is a symbol of prosperity, so the excuse also imposes with rice of Kumkum on his brother’s forehead.

Coconut –

  • after that comes coconut . In some places,after tilak in the plate of worship on rakshabandhan sister gives coconut to her brother . Thecoconut is a symbol of Laxhmi ji.


  • kalava or rakhi are belived to be able to get rid of body faults due to binding the Rakshasutra .any disease in our body is related to these defects .

 Aarti –

  • the other material is to unload the lamp from the lamp .it is said that after binding rakhi fter binding a lamp ,brother’s aarti does not see anyone’s evil eye.

Swastik –

  • Making swastika on the plate is also considered auspicious because the swastik is made in any auspicious work. Therefore, make the swastika necessary on the plate of pooja.

sweet –

  • It is very necessary to have sweets in the plate of worship, because it is believed that sweetness is maintained between sweetness and relationships.

Post Author: Seema Gupta