BJP and Congress India Map

On 11 December 2018, after election result the map of BJP and Congress changed


This outcome is very important for Rahul Gandhi and Congress party, in Rajasthan, Chhattisgargh and Madhya Pradesh, at the stage of one year completion party president.  It is very required success for Party organizational network.

But, Rahul Gandhi as a leader has to thank Kamal Nath and Sachin Pilot in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Their hard work is the key of their success.

To counter RSS volunteers, Kamal Nath gaveattention to Anganbadi and Asha Workers. It fuelled their women volunteers to visit door to door voters. All their volunteers under their leaders have done very good hard work.

This victory has increased winning prospects in 2019 elections. Also we expect other alliance give their support to Mahagathbandhan and Congress will lead in 2019 election.Success of Congress in the state of Chhattisgarh is most clear and noticeable. Here was a state where the grand old party did not have a strong regional satrap. Perceived acceptability, popularity of a ‘chawal wale baba’, armed with a series of welfare schemes under his belt and the fight against Naxal violence made Raman Singh a clear winner. But voters felt otherwise and punished him severely. Imagine a scenario where voters in the rest of India vote as per Chhattisgarh model. Perhaps they will. But a note of caution is required for all those who believe in prime ministerial democracy or rely solely on a personality cult.

Post Author: Dushyant Kumar