Me Too movement in India

Me Too movement in India

This movement spread around October 2017 against sexual harassment of women. This movement specially was against harassment in work place. Initially it was followed against Harvey Weinstein – an American Social worker and community organizer in 2006 and then it was spread as “”Alyssa Milano””on Twitter in 2017. Also in India many famous name caught in this movement.

  • MJ Akbar – Former Minister => Several journalists come with allegation of sexual harassment against MJ Akbar.
  • Rahul Johri – BCCI CEO => An un-named person blame him thru Twitter of misbehaviour during Discovery assignment.   She was colleague.
  • Bhushan Kumar – T Series Chairman => Again un-named person blame him for harassment. She said, Bhushan kumar harass her for signing three contracts with their production house.
  • Jatin Das – Painter => Nisha Bora, an Entrepreneur and writer Garusha Katoch accused him for sexually harassment.
  • Alok Nath – Actor => Several actors blame him for sexual harassment.
  • Nana Pateker – Actor => Tanu Shree Dutta accused Nana Pateker for misbehaviour during shooting.
  • Sajid Khan – Director / Actor => their co-worker accused him for sexual harassment including Saloni Chopra and Simran Suri.

And this list is very long ………………

By this movement number of women bring up with truth of current society. It shows that if we together raise voice against any offence then we can bring change. Women been accused in every field and by this movement they raise their voice against the  “”Men World””. Many TV channels, Magazines, social media everywhere people come together and raise voice against this and demand strong law against sexual harassment. Law ministry should think about it very seriously and take some strong stand. This is also responsibility of our society to spread their voice against violence of women.

Post Author: Dushyant Kumar