List of Adhyaksh BJP

List of Adhyaksh BJP

List of Adhyaksh BJP

1980 – 1986

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

He became the first president of BJP formation 1980. Later became the First Prime Minister from this party for full term.

1986 – 1991

L K Advani

He became president of BJP in 1986 after Vajpayee Ji, This was the time of new ideology of Hindutva, Ram Rath Yatra led by Advani.

1991 – 1993

Muli Manohar Joshi

He was affiliated with RSS ideology before he became president of BJP. He also served as cabinet minister in Vajpayee government. During his presidency BJP became principal opposition party for first time.

1993 – 1998

L K Advani

He became president of BJP second time and under his guidance BJP became the largest party in lower house of Parliament after election in 1996. During Vajpayee Govt. he served as Deputy Prime Minister.

1998 – 2000

Kushabhau  Thakre

He was not well known outside the BJP when he became president in 1998. He focused on Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

2000 – 2001

Bangaru Laxman

Again person associated with RSS became President of BJP in 2000.  And he was the first Dalit President. After allegation of bribe he resigned immediately.


Jana Krishnamurthi

He was the acting president after resignation of Laxman and shorty confirmed as President. He resigned when he became cabinet minister in Vajpayee Govt.


Venkaiah Naidu

Naidu became President after resignation of Laxman. He resigned after NDA lost the 2004 Election.

2004 – 2005

L K Advani

Third time he became President of BJP.  Advani became the leader of opposition party in Lok Sabha. Later Advani resigned in 2005 after controversy of Jinnah.

2005 – 2009

Rajnath Singh

In 2005 Singh became President after Advani term. He again give fuel to Hindutva. Singh resigned after NDA lost in 2009 election.

2009 – 2013

Nitin Gadkari

He was the youngest President of BJP. Again a RSS member. He was a minister in Maharashtra in alliance. He has very good support of RSS. He resigned after controversy of financial impropriety.

2013 – 2014

Rajnath Singh

He was became second time President of BJP. He played a very important role in election of 2014. After win of 2014 he resigned and join as Home Minister.

2014 – Present

Amit Shah

After Singh term he became BJP President and he is very close to Modi Ji, Present Prime Minster.

Post Author: Dushyant Kumar