Kuttu Atta Poori for Navratri Vrat/HOW TO MAKE KUTTU ATTA POORI(IN ENGLISH)

Kuttu Atta Poori for Navratri Vrat


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Hello friends Today we will make cotta flour poori at This pudding is made in the days of fasting and is eaten. Because  use we can’t eat wheat flour in the days of fast, therefore, we can use flour or buckwheat flour or roasted flour instead of dough. It does not take much time to make it. So friends let’s start .

Preparation time -10 minutes

Cook time to -10 minutes

Total time -20 minutes

Ingredients for Kuttu Atta Poori

  • Buckwheat flour or Roasted flour – 200 g
  • Arabic or potato – 200 gms
  • Salt Sandstorm – Most Highly
  • Black pepper – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Green Coriander – 1 Tbsp

Method for kuttu/singhada  atta poori

Kuttu Atta Poori for Navratri Vrat

  • First, filter the Kootu / Singhada flour in a vessel.
  • Boil potatoes or Arabi in a cooker and mash them. In a separate pan sieve the flour and add mashed potatoes or arbi and chop them, mix and mix them in the flour.
  • Now add half a teaspoon black pepper and a small spoon of coriander and add all the ingredients to the hard dough.
  • . Cover it for 15-20 minutes to be set.
  • Now put oil in the pan and heat it and Make small balls from the dough, an dust it with the dry flour. Keep the ball on a roller board.
  • Now put the poori in hot oil and turn it on both sides till brown and lay the napkin paper in the plate and keep it on top of it.
  • Now prepare the whole poori in such a way.
  • Now our Kootu / Singhada flour poori is ready.
  • Now we can eat it with fry potato or curd.

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Post Author: Seema Gupta