First Day First Show – Prime Minister, Narendra Modi (part 1)

Indian PM on 1st day give approx. 90 minutes interview to news agency and give details view and planning for “BIG-Bettle-2019”.

Following are the highlighted

PM said:

MODI Magic: I wish to thanks the people who say this. When they say this … that means people are admitting MODI wave.  A set of people kept saying “There is no MODI Magic”. Now they are saying this. I am happy that they accept, there is a word called Modi wave or Modi magic.

180+ seat club:- If they do not does this thing then who people join their MAHA-GATHBANDHAN. As far as BJP concern we should not mistrust the intelligence of the common man.

Congress Mukt Bharat :- Congress is a thought, a culture said by congress people.  What is the culture – Casteism, Dynastic politics, undemocratic. Congress represents these cultures. When I say congress mukt bharat, I want to rid the country from this culture and this sort of thinking.

BJP is party of two people :- Those who say BJP are running because of Modi and Amit Shah, they do not understand BJP. BJP is the largest party of the world. BJP functions because of our strength from the polling booth onwards.

GST – Since Pranav Mukherjee was Finance Minister, the GST process is going on. Before GST, what was the tax rate in the country, 30-40% tax. And hidden tax. Repeated Tax.  GST has simplified all this. 500 items have zero tax rates. Just creating political cry is not good on GST. All decision takes by GST council including all state ministers after discussion. We are improving day by day.

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