Data Theft

?DATA THEFT#Facebook has your location history # check now and delete.

Facebook has your location history, now check and delete.

You can check your location history, delete your location history and you can also stop Facebook to store your location.

  • You location history can be store in social media. If you have permitted location tracking on facebook it will store and your privacy can be compromised. It can be done easily by facebook application installed in you mobile.
  • As per facebook officials if mobile users enable their location history then all your location will store in facebook database. You are using facebook or not that does not matter if your facebook location is enable then it will automatic store.
  • Process to view location history.
  •   Before login browser login into facebook. Now go settings and click location. You will see options ‘view’and ‘location history’. Click this option and enter your password. You can check your location on particular date, month and year. And it will also show your time spend at any particular location.
  • Process to delete your location history.
  • If you want to delete you location history from facebook then go location page and on top right corner click on “delete all location”. If you want to delete only any particular date then you can also.

How to off facebook location?

First you open facebook setting -> Account Settings->Location-> Location History “OFF”

As per facebook official, by the help of location then post user friendly posts.

Post Author: Dushyant Kumar