Automobile Technology Changing View of Life

Technology is collection of skills, methods, and process for production and service. Use of technology has significantly changed in couple of decades. Technology is playing very important role in economic development of country. We are in advance driving world. You need to be very skilled professional for maintaining high tech automobiles. You need to understand […]

Technology most useful in Commercial and Non Commercial Sector

Technology most useful in Commercial and Non Commercial Sector Individual Use – One normal person start his days with technology and till going to bad he total depends upon technology. Mobile, computer, laptop, highly automatic vehicles , home decor, cooking instruments and many more are require for your day to day activity. You can share […]

?DATA THEFT#Facebook has your location history # check now and delete.

Facebook has your location history, now check and delete. You can check your location history, delete your location history and you can also stop Facebook to store your location. You location history can be store in social media. If you have permitted location tracking on facebook it will store and your privacy can be compromised. […]