BREAD PIZZA RECIPE -How to make bread pizza within 30 minutes (IN ENGLISH )


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Hello friends, Today we will make bread pizza at Bread pizza is a very favorite dishes. Nowadays everyone likes it. This is a great choice for everyone. This is an Italian dishes. It is healthy as well as it is because more vegetables are used in it. It can be made very easily at home

Ingredients for Bread pizza: –

Time taken for preparation -10 minutes

Time tocooking -10 minutes

Total time – 20 minutes

Method for Bread pizza: –


  • Put bread and sauce on bread first and spread it, then sprinkle chopped capsicum, tomatoes, boiled sweet corn on it
  • Now put the curry on the bread.
  • Now, add salt and pepper according to taste.
  • Now heat the tawa on the gas and put a little butter and fry the bread on low flame, until the bread is not done until the bread is done.


  • In it you can pick up the vegetable from your choice• Covering the bread, the cheese will be well stocked.

friends Make all the bread pizza you eat and feed and at the same time tell us your experiences on

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