Automobile Technology

Automobile Technology Changing View of Life

Technology is collection of skills, methods, and process for production and service. Use of technology has significantly changed in couple of decades. Technology is playing very important role in economic development of country.

We are in advance driving world. You need to be very skilled professional for maintaining high tech automobiles. You need to understand of how they work.

To meet all expectation of customer  you need to work very quickly and efficiently. You must up to date with new innovation and advance technology. Today companies are working very hard to delivery safest, comfortable, advance vehicles to customer. One car are loaded with high-tech engines, navigation system, advance breaks, fuel efficient etc.

  • Google driver less car – First time in 2015 Google test his high-tech drive less car on road. Around 10 minutes car ride in Austin set new milestone in automobile industry.
  • Automated Manual Transmission  – Also known as clutch less transmission. A computer change your gears instead of manual. Actually AMT does have clutch in box but controlled by computer system as per standard norm.
  • Start – Stop Technology – To reduce the fuel consumption new technology launched automatic start & stop technology. Also it can be control by your cell phone. Computer cut spark and fuel for stop the car.
  • Land Rover’s Invisible car – Driver must be very skilled and trained for high-tech automobile. Therefore Land Rover develop invisible technology to train the drivers. You can feel actual visuals of driving zone and hidden obstacles. Driver can be trained for Off-road driving as well as on-road driving.
  • Toyota’s Flying car – Toyota planning to design new technology for flying car. In 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Above are the hi-tech innovation in automobile industries.

Customer are demanding advance vehicles with new safety features along with speed. Now your vehicle can be attached with your smart phone. Also can take voice commands.

Means you can buy smart cars like your smart phones. Today one car is equipped with number of sensor. Vehicle can itself alarm for requirements, services, part damage alarms etc.

Automatic lights bright or law lights. Front and rare cameras to records your tour or easier your parking. You can reach anywhere with the help of advance GPS technology. V2V communication (Vehicle to Vehicle) can help you to communicate with other car around you during tour or race.

Post Author: Dushyant Kumar